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Kanye West Sex Tapes - Yes there are 2!

The latest celebrity scandal is the new Kayne West sextape. Wait, now there are two being shopped around! Supposedly, the first is Kanye West banging the shit out of an 18 year old Kim Kardashian look-a-like. She blows his big black cock and then he fucks her in both holes.

As soon as this one hit the airwaves another one popped up and a very well know, reliable company says they have the entire 40 minute tape that goes absolutely non-stop! has been quoted saying, "by making a Kanye West sex-tape public, that he and current girlfriend Kim Kardashian will become the first celebrity sex-tape power couple".

Its unreal the things that celebs are doing for publicity these days!

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Ryan Kwanten Continues to Get His True Blood Boiling

From the Season 1 premier of True Blood right up to this season’s finale Ryan, along with a super sexy bunch of guys and girls, continue to spend a good portion of the show nude or semi-nude.

The hit show has been a real killer for this hot aussie and many others. Perez Hilton calls him "True Blood’s lovable human sex bicycle" and theirs no doubt his character, Jason, qualifies as a nymphomaniac.

Ryan says his character’s grown by his acceptance of a predatory gay vampire. We sure hope he keeps on growing if this is his path. If you haven’t been watching this great HBO series, True Blood contains lots of openly gay and bisexual characters. There’s plenty of skin showing in every episode whether it be male of female.

The Season 5 finale is upon us and who knows how Jason Stackhouse, Ryan’s character, will turn out when he shows us his true colors!

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Olympian Swim Teams Filled with Gorgeous Young Men

More than any other even swimming is just loaded with male hotties. Yes, the female teams have some super hot babes but, who's interested in them? I found these excellent pictures of the Australian Men's Swim Team, the French Olympic Male Swim Team and, of course, the United States Men's Swim team. What a shame the UK's all male team is having so much trouble getting into events. Maybe that's why I couldn't find any good shirtless group shots of them. So, enjoy these sexy guys and hope the UK gets in.

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Christian Sprenger One of Many 2012 Olympics Hotties

There’s a reason I like the summer Olympics better than winter; all the hot flesh shown off by some of the sexiest male athletes on the planet like Christian Sprenger shown above. This 26 year old almost gave up swimming last year. What a loss that would have been. He easily picked up the silver in the 100m breast stroke.You can reach him on Twitter at @RyanZ83.

I’ll be adding quite a few more of these Olympic hotties in the coming days.

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Batman Star Christian Bale Nude

With the newest Batman movie soon to hit theaters I thought some pics of Christian Bale completely nude would be appropriate. Christian is great because he’s not afraid to show us the full package, which is pretty damned nice!

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